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Lake Shas it is not far from Ulcinj, is quite beautiful, calm, clear waters and very rich with fish. Various kinds of birds gather there and find shelter.

On the shores of Lake Shas are the ruins of the "dead town of Svatch". According to legend, this town used to have as many churches as there are days in a year.

It is an ideal place for an outing in nature, swimming in warm water, taking a ride with a small motor boat...

Skadar Lake

A boat ride in the Skadar lake is an absolute must for everyone visiting Montenegro, especially with Golden Frog

Lake Skadar — also called Lake Scutari, Lake Shkodër and Lake Shkodra — lies on the border of Albania and Montenegro, and is the largest lake in Southern Europe. It is named after the city of Shkodër in northern Albania. It is a karst lake.

Lake Skadar is one of the largest bird reserves in Europe, having 270 bird species, among which are some of the last pelicans in Europe, and thus popular with birders. The lake also contains habitats of seagulls and herons.  

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Praveena N 07.2017

We booked a private boat trip for 2 hours with Ivana in July 2017. She is such a sweet person and took great care of us. It was amazing to be on a traditional small boat. It felt like we were with family and not a tour agency.

Both our daughters, 2 yrs and 6 yrs thoroughly enjoyed it. They went for a quick swim at Sunset and the views are splendid. Overall, it a great experience for anyone who wants to take a couple of hours to relax, enjoy nature, do bird watching, or take a dip in the lake. It will be definitely worth the money spent and I look forward to next summer vacation in Montenegro.

PS: Please be wary of people who are standing at the entrance of the street and like to make more money and put you on a bigger boat with 30 to 40 other tourists. They have nothing to do with "Golden Frog" which operates a relatively a smaller boat.

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Colonial 03.2020

SO beautiful! " Before entering the national park you should take the train over the lake to see all angles. There are great places for kayaking in viniyitsa where you will see great herons, snowy egrets and many more."

Shas Lake Skadar Lake