A beach used only by women.
Only womans allauded
Best from June to October
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This beach has been used for many years only by women, so that it is called „Ženska plaža” – „Ladies Beach“.

There is a sulphur spring in the sea next to it, it is said to treat sterility. The water from the Ladies Beach was examined for the first time, more than eight decades ago, its healing features were proven since then.

Why is ŽENSKA PLAŽA a good place to visit?

Balneotherapy is long practiced in alternative medicine system all over the world, and involves treating health problems by nude bathing in naturally mineral-rich waters. Soaking in sulfur water baths may help with a number of health conditions:

• arthritis

• respiratory disorders

• nourishing the organs

• stimulating the immune system

• lowering back pain

• relieve the burning, pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids

• premenstrual issues

• menopausal symptoms

• disorders of the female reproductive system

• heightened cholesterol levels

• high blood pressure Sulfur is also good for sensitive skin, hair and nails, against acne, and bacteria.


Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral that is found primarily near hot springs and volcanic craters. The odor near the sulfur source is very strong, giving a distinct "rotten egg" smell, the condition indicates a high level of sulfate-reducing bacteria in the water supply. The place is safe, clean, private, attractive and sacred with amazing natural healing powers. I recommend it.

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MariaG14341 09.2016

Female paradise. I spent 3 days in this Naked paradise in the beginning of September when there is no crowd and you can just enjoy the VIP service of the strand and the excellent location and calmness of the sea the sun. There is a special minerals - sulfat in the this beach part which is smelly but extremely healthy for the women organs. Excellent place when you wants to be in the present and close to the nature in a natural costume.

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MrPetrovic 05.2016

The name of the beach "Zenska plaza" translates in to female only beach, and this is exactly what it is. It is fenced and strictly prohibited form men, and that includes small boys. As Ulcinj is frequented by Muslims, this beach is excellent for covered women, and as it is all female beach, don't be surprised to see naked women. The beach offer the possibility of purchasing refreshments, and as there is a sulfuric water spring, mud-baths and massages. TIP: Please don't test Your luck with trying to enter or take a look, as it will land You in jail, being that it is frequently guarded by plain clothes police officers.

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